Polyols are the nutritive sugar alcohols found in most grains, fruits, and vegetables. They are commonly used in foods due to its lower caloric content than sugars.


A flavoring agent found in several berries and fruits. Sorbitol is used in diet foods, and several sugar-free applications, including chewing gums and mints. In the cosmetic industry it is often used as a moisturizer and thickener.


Used as a dietary supplement and dietetic sweetener, Mannitol has applications in "breath-freshening" candies. The pleasant taste and mouthfeel of mannitol also makes it a popular excipient for chewable tablets.


A low-calorie sweetening agent, Maltitol is used especially in production of sugarless hard candies, chewing gum, chocolates, baked goods, and ice cream.


Erythritol occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods. It is suitable for a variety of reduced calorie and sugar free foods.


This sweetener made from sucrose can be used in a wide variety of foods, including ice-cream, beverages, bakery products, confectionary, etc.


A naturally occurring sweetener, Xylitol can be found in small amounts in fruit, berries, vegetables and mushrooms. It is used to make sugar-free sweets, such as chewing gums and mints.

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